A New Job on the Horizon + Tackling FAR

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Happy Holidays, everyone!

I hope everyone is doing well. I am still studying for FAR, listening to NINJA Audio while driving, and waiting to start another job.

The end of 2012 is around the corner and I cannot believe it. This past year has been full of accounting jazz – taking classes to be qualified, constantly going to career fairs and networking events to get my foot in the door, studying for exams, getting next year's job offer, etc.

I was lucky to have supportive friends who were on the same pace or ahead of me, with whom I could talk about how frustrating the recruiting process can be, share the studying ups and downs, and take a break together.

Special thanks to the Another71 Forum and its helpful members as well – I gained a lot of comfort looking at posts that I could relate to.

Studying-wise, I reviewed Leases again and it seemed like not much has stuck in my brain since I first studied the chapter. I am just going to keep tackling MCQs over and over until I get 70% and go on to the next chapter.

On a random note, my friend invited me to help him expand his app-development business. The market for apps is growing and he has been successful with his entrepreneur spirit, so I am willing to put in a little bit of time knowing more about what he's got going on. I'll post an update in due time.

Hope everyone is keeping it warm!

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