Back on the CPA Exam Track: Studying AUD after a Break

17 Jul 2013


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Greetings all,

So I did not fall off the face of the earth though honestly I think that might have been preferable. Allow me to attempt to grovel for my absence. I shirked a commitment and I am embarrassed by my actions.

I wrote an entry for the week before mother's day though apparently it sat in my draft and then I had finals so needless to say AUD studying and my blog entries ceased. After finals I had planned to write and honestly I do not know where the time went and then it was hay season.

Allow me to preference this by I have effectively not been involved with a hay season for the seven years. Last summer I took summer classes in NY and the prior six years I was working. Moving tons (I am not exaggerating either. I moved in total around 85), I simply don't know what to say other than I apologize.

So some housekeeping albeit late.

Finals at Columbia finals are three hours, and everyone always complains/always tell everyone to be prepared. All the time I have done CPA exams are like training sessions – a mere three hours, I scoffed at everyone. I can handle it so I suppose there is a bright side – hey I am trying to be positive.

CONGRATS to all tax people on surviving April 15th though now of course there is no longer the legitimate excuse of not studying. Personally, I always found April 15th to be a tad depressing since I was exceedingly happy that there was no longer the adrenaline rush of April 15th and it also meant that I had to face the reality of the beast of CPA.

Anyhow congrats on surviving April 15th and here is to be hoping we will be done this journey by Oct 15th, which I personally abhorred.

The administration stuff to keep myself accountable and bore you: I have completed everything since I last posted though seeing as I had slightly in excess for two months I should hope so. In summary, I have completed all the MCQ AUD questions and printed all the questions that I did not know with 100% accuracy – so basically I printed every question.

What I have done is go through through and write down the key takeaways from every question. In addition, I have written how to make a question correct etc. I have also summarized the NINJA Notes as well. In addition, I made flash cards from the NINJA notes.

Five days a week I either go through all my index cards or my notebook. I then proceed to work on questions. I purchased the Wiley Aud test bank and I have to say I LOVE WILEY. My goals for next week, once again every other day study my entire notebook or flash-cards and then work on Wiley and take at least 2 pop quizzes a day.

I am back on the CPA track.

Have an enjoyable and more importantly productive week.



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