Seven Months is Too Long: A Condensed FAR Study Schedule

11 Oct 2013


Elizabeth is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

Greetings all,

For those of you in tax … Wait, who am I kidding? If you are in tax you are not reading this … though I will express my best wishes to you anyway.

I am still recovering from my epic fail. My immediate game plan was to get back up and study AUD yet again and I was doing as such.

Then I spoke with a friend as I was preparing for an exam for my MBA class and she said, “Geez that sounds like a review of FAR.” After some further discussion she questioned why study for AUD when in essence I am studying for FAR right now in class.

She told me to intensify my study for my MBA class and my MBA class will benefit as well as FAR. Here is to hoping there is some synergistic effect to be gained.

However, thanks for Another71 I am changing my study routine. Clearly my approach hasn't been oh so successful. So I am planning to watch all the videos while taking copious notes and then attack the multiple choice questions with a vengeance and right before the exam rewrite the NINJA Notes. Though throughout I will continue to study my notes that I took while watching the videos.

The suggestion of watching all the videos first and then doing the multiple choice questions is I feel outstanding. Who couldn't get the questions right after watching the video on the topic? I feel this will be very beneficial to me.

I have been watching videos and this is not at all as glamorous as it sounds. I must confess that I have already fallen behind my schedule and had to re-work my schedule. When I did my schedule I used the time length of the video, and I did not factor in that it takes substantially longer to be an active watcher as opposed to sitting back with the popcorn and watching the video.

I am consistently hitting pause on the video to take notes or rework a problem. I find that doing the problem on my own is very beneficial.

The other approach that I am changing courtesy of the NINJA method is I am not planning to study for 7 months. Rather, I plan to take the exam at the end of November. I will study like crazy and have everything in my head.

I am a little hesitant though, since I have finals during the first week of December and papers due, and the LSAT. I really feel that this is the right course of action as clearly studying for seven months didn't exactly work for me.

So I am off to watch the videos, without popcorn, and take notes. My goal is to watch all the videos by the time I write and be working on the multiple choice questions.

Have an enjoyable, and more importantly productive, week.



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