Mid-Terms, Presentations, and Studying for the CPA Exam

14 Nov 2013


Elizabeth is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

Greetings all,

I hope all is well. So unfortunately I have not watched all the videos as I had planned. I had mid-terms (though on the brightside the midterms were spread out) and had to allocate more time to study for mid-terms than watch the videos and study for the exam.

Needless to say since a CPA exam can be rescheduled, I studied for my mid-terms and I am happy to say the lowest I received was an A- with the balance being As, and A+s. However, I am unsure why when I study for college exams I can do fine, but study my hardest for the CPA and no luck.

I know it is a different exam and you need to study different and I am now thanks to NINJA.

As you can guess there is not much to report from my front. For the last 3 weeks I have probably spent the time I should spend in 1 week. Sometimes life is very frustrating. I was originally planning to schedule for the end of Nov and now I am just honestly not sure.

While I certainly don't want to wait seven months and do it more in like 7 weeks the honest truth is you need to spend 7 weeks worth of studying and I have not for the last 3 spent 3 weeks studying. In summary maybe after this week is over and everything for school lightens up we will see.

On the other front why are you allowed to schedule exams till Dec 6th? I would have killed for that in other years though I am certainly not looking a the proverbial gifted horse in the mouth. Perhaps with the few extra days I might be able to pull of an exam in the beginning of Dec. We shall see.

The depressing part is for the next week I barely have allocated any time except for the time I am commuting to study as otherwise I have 2 presentations and while the presentations are done I need to rehearse, etc. Also I need to make final revisions to a semester paper.

I hope to get some review time in watching videos and studying for my MBA class. I have elected not to fret over it for this week and then reevaluate next week.

I do not think I realized how much of the NINJA Audio sank in till I was doing homework for my MBA class and Jeff's voice popped into my head and guided me through a problem. Sad to admit but it is true. This is why I am still holding out hope for the beginning of Nov.

So while this is a depressing and dismal post it also shows the reality of life that we all face as we try to juggle life with studying for the CPA exam. Whether you have classes that sometimes take longer than you anticipate or you have a family, we all need to balance studying for the CPA exam with something.

Have an enjoyable though more importantly productive week. Personally I am just trying to get through my presentation and revisions to a final paper.

All the best,


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