Team Edward + A Strategy to Pass the CPA Exam

17 Nov 2012


Elizabeth is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

With the release of Breaking Dawn Part II, I have overheard more discussion of Edward vs Jacob to last a human lifetime – I am actually happy when class begins.

I always think to myself as Team Edward or more specifically team vampire. Living forever – if I had forever then maybe these past 6 yrs would not seem like an eternity.

I have spent almost a fifth of my life studying and giving up on a life to this darn exam.

If I was to live forever, 6 yrs would not even register as a blink of an eye. Additionally I would never have to make decision regarding a career choice – spend a century or so mastering a career and then move on.

Here is to hoping it does not take me/us a century to pass the CPA exam though, I digress.

Regarding NINJA here is my advertisement: I love the NINJA Audio. I can be commuting and have STUDY TIME. Additionally, when I take my dog for a walk – STUDY TIME. Even if I need a break from studying and play a game on the computer, STUDY TIME.

Previously I had another audio which I believe was just a reading from the textbook and while there are some benefits – it was not for me and I would hazard to say it is not for a lot of candidates. Not now. I specially recall during my last exam when I had a question and I heard Jeff voice in my head.

Every CPA candidates dream – hearing Jeff voice during the exam. Wait, actually it is.

I am having this internal debate with myself. Do I re-watch all the lecture videos and take notes, do I just re-watch the Final Review Videos and take notes, or do I just tackled the X-guesses.

I believe I am leaning towards watching the videos but taking no more than a sheet of notes per chapter and then just doing the X-guesses over and over again.

Mind you I have rewritten the NINJA notes twice already and plan to rewrite them a third and potentially forth time.

Historically, I have watched the videos, taken copious notes, and Jeff cover your ears – I am a big fan of highlighting, i.e. my book is all highlighted. However, I put down the highlighter.

Well I am going to try to whack out some more X-guesses.

Hope everyone who received results received HAPPY NEWS and if not – hang in there.