A Rough Week: BEC Talken in a Haze + Disappointing AUD Score

13 Dec 2012


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Greetings all,

To say last week was a tough week is an understatement. The cold that kept me out the weekend before went into overdrive last week.

My system does not handle drugs well – I take daytime cold medicine at bedtime as then I will for the most part only be knocked out for about 8hrs. I once took the nighttime version and I nearly slept for 24 hrs.

The same is true for prescription pain killers – i.e. the good drugs you get in the hospital when your horse does the jitterbug on top of you. They say pets and their owners become more alike the longer they spend together, well Flame also can't handle his drugs well.

So needless to say last week in between everything, I did do a ton of multiple guess questions and really felt great at least about the material. Once again NINJA Audio … I am in love. Even when I was just stuck wishing I would die I could listen and I could concentrate on the BEC material which took my mind off the fact that I really did want to die.

My BEC exam was, well honestly, with the exception of the essays, I really can't recall the exam except that the questions got progressively harder each section. However, it could have been that since I was so out of it the questions were getting easier and I was just so out of it that the question asked what do the initials CPA stand for and I found it difficult.

The first two essays were pretty straight forward and since I had the time and I was clearly not at an optimal testing taking state of mind I spent almost 25 minutes apiece on them. I feel the essays were very solid.

The third essay, honestly, I read the question for 5 minutess to fully digest the question as it just seemed that I had to be reading it incorrectly as should I be reading it correctly the entire 3 hours of the exam would not be enough time to cover the answer. Well I am hoping that it was a test question and even though my answer was almost two pages, I feel it was not nearly detailed enough.

The ironic part is I used to contend I always struggled the most with BEC since BEC did not have essays and I always score above average on the essay component. By the same token I am devastated that the other sections no longer have essays as I really do feel the essays help me.

I struggle since I can't ask for clarification and I can not clarify my answers. However, on essays I can clarify away. But by the end of the multiple guesses I was really dreading having to write essays and was thinking, oh why cant it be like the old days.

Truth be told I doubt I passed as I was in such a haze I probably was making up my own questions though on the positive side maybe I did not overanalyze anything since I did not have mental capacity to.

After I left the test center, and I am pretty sure a haz mat team went in after me and anywhere I was while at the testing center – joking here – shortly thereafter I found out I failed AUD. Close but no cigar yet again.

On the bright side since I was so full of drugs I was pretty impressed with how I handled the situation. I did allow myself to wallow this weekend.

I really want to study AUD since it is so fresh and I was close. However, I never passed FAR and I am really thinking if I do not pass FAR this time, is it time to finally accept what my mom has been advising to move on in life.

I spent 6 years practically studying every day and it is just not happening. I am always so close and yet not close enough. The fact that I always do score so close makes me think, “OK. I will pass on my next try,” only to score another 73 or 74 or 72, whatever the case might be.

I do not want to put my life on hold and still be taking this exam when I am 40. Sorry to be in such a downcast mood.

I believe I will study for FAR till the Jan 14th exam. MBA classes begin on the 19th and Columbia classes begin on the 22nd. We shall see. I might change and I will keep you up to date and feel free to shoot out any ideas.

Those with upcoming FINALS – PAWS N HOOVES CROSSED.



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