AUD & BEC Results In: Deciding on a Study Plan

14 Jan 2013


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So I know there has been a substantial delay since my blog though I have been moping and honestly not wanting to deal with anything accounting related.

Not only did I read about all those who passed BEC (CONGRATS BTW) I turned in my laptop and my key fob to my firm as well.

I remember the day I received my fob and while there have been many computers, I still remember my first day – where did all the time go and WHY am I am still studying?

OK, I am sorta done with the pity party. I am just very depressed about no longer working for my firm, I really ENJOYED my clients as well as my colleagues.

To recap, I passed REG and failed AUD & BEC and postponed FAR. That being said it is now 2013 and I need to develop a game plan. This blogging is helping me face reality, so my gratitude.

On the upside, subsequent to my last blog last year (just had to get that in there), I received my AUD report. As you might recall, I was thinking of postponing my AUD exam to continue to study for Procedures and Evidence aspect of the exam which I felt really weak in.

Apparently I was comparable in that area, so I guess to some degree had I postponed the exam it would not have mattered as I would have been studying a subject I was OK in. Though maybe I would have earned those few extra points needed to be done with the section for the second time.

Additionally, I wrote after my exam how challenging I found the simulations to be though apparently I did stronger on those as well and then there were the multiple guess which I did weaker on. Shocking surprise there – read the injected sarcasm.

My BEC report came out and apparently I did well in IT and my written communications. While I might have complained about the detail requested, I apparently rocked it and did miserable on my multiple guesses though.

Seeing as I had more cold medicine on board than a drug store has in inventory, I am still impressed with my 69 and at least it was not my usual 74.

I have FAR left on NTS that does not expire till April 20th. Tentatively I have the exam scheduled for April 20th and I can always move the exam forward, though I am tired of scheduling and then paying a fee to reschedule. So I now schedule out as far as possible and can always move the exam forward.

Here lies my issue. I am debating between studying for AUD again and then BEC but then should I not pass FAR then I would have to pay for the application fee of $95 twice. I am leaning toward studying for AUD though I am not looking forward to the charge on my credit card.

My MBA courses begin on January 19th and my post-bacc classes begin on the 22nd, so I have some time. To all those waiting with baited breath for Busy Season to begin – Good Luck. To auditors who are busy with I/O, ENJOY.



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