Grad Classes, Long Commutes, and AUD Coming Up

19 Feb 2013


Elizabeth is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

Greetings all,

As always I apologize for the delay. Little update, the school year has begun again and so has my commute, approximately 3 hours round trip.

Now is when I keep wishing I had studied more during the break as opposed to taking a break after I was so depressed. Oh well, I have been moving onwards.

I never recall exams coming up so quickly when I was an undergrad. I have found that the CPA exam has affected my change in study habits, or at least my psyche. For instance, as an undergrad I was always so confident. But when you have failed exams for the last six years, your confidence takes a tumble so to speak.

Additionally, the mindset of “well I can take the exam again” does not come into play, except for Chem, when the lowest exam is dropped, though I digress. I have a calc exam that is not multiple guess, so keep your paws crossed. My AUD exam is not till the beginning of April.

Aside from listening to the NINJA Audio I have been attempting to look over the CPA exam questions while I am on the commute. Don't worry. I take public transportation and do not drive.

That being said, I can't read while I am in the car as I get motion sickness and some days I can study on the train and others I cant – it is kind of odd. Though on the bright side, it forces me to carry another book so at least I get additional exercise.

I also have a CPA class on my schedule. I treat that time like a class when I have to be present, so to speak, so it forces me to study. Lets hope I am able to maintain it in face of exams where I am graded and I want to study additionally for those.

Well I am off to hit the books as I have a calc exam. I will study AUD when I need a break. It is ironic, how I always use to abhor studying for the CPA exam and now I use it is as a break and actually look forward to it.

Have an enjoyable week.



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