Spring Break Plans: Studying for AUD Rematch

21 Mar 2013


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Greetings all,

Apologies for the delay, going forward I will be prompt. Apparently, spring break is later for me than the majority of other schools, though on the bright side I am on Spring Break now.

So do I have a Spring Break Trip? YES, I DO. To my desk to study.

I do have one midterm left when I return though I will also be studying AUD and preparing for my rematch. I will be purchasing my NTS this week, waiting till after my credit card cut-off date. Cash is King.

As you might recall in my last blog, I mentioned how I scheduled in an AUD class on my class schedule. Well I am a failure or at least a partial failure. There was an opportunity to attend a fascinating seminar by a brilliant professor and guess what, I attended.

That being said I did spend the allocated time studying, just not at that apportioned time. Had it been an actual class, with a professor on my roster, I would not have skipped. I think this is an inherent problem, I know it is not a class.

In an attempt to rectify this, I am making more concrete goals for myself each week, i.e. a syllabus. I plan to cover x and y this week.

I just went through the NINJA Notes yet again. A pet peeve of mine is to use something up, whether it be a pen of ink or toothpaste – I am on a high – I feel like I accomplished something.

Well re-writing NINJA notes I normally use an entire pen, and I just finished re-writing notes. I listen to NINJA Audio about 3 to 4 times a week. I know, I need to increase this and I have factored this in my concrete goals I discussed above.

The plan is, as I go through the x-guess question to write down any key take-away from any questions or anything that I am uncertain on. I am taking no prisoners this time.

So my goals for this week are to complete the X-Guess questions from Ch 1 and 2, using the method I discussed above, as well as going through the NINJA Notes summarizing them. I also have a set goal of listening to the Audio twice this week. I am listening to the audio less since I do not have a long commute to my desk.

I use to spend time listening to the audio while hiking with the family dog when I was home. Unforunately, he is out of commission for a little while, though he does not understand this. So I have replaced hiking with running, and while running I need music.

Have a productive and an enjoyable week.



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