Introducing NINJA CPA Blogger Elizabeth

21 Feb 2013


Elizabeth is a new NINJA CPA Blogger.

I started trying to get my CPA in July 2010. I’ll admit I was cocky, and I assumed that because there was an overlap in material between my CIA designation and the CPA, that I could just breeze through my AUD and BEC test.

Just to save registration money, I decided to test for REG all in the same 6 month window. My first child was due late November.

So, I scheduled BEC for November 6 about a 3 weeks before my due date. First babies are always late, don't you know?

So when my son came early on October 26, let's just say I wasn’t totally shocked by my 56 BEC score. My lack of knowledge just wasn’t sinking in; I blame hormones.

I took Audit and barely cracked the book, and I got a 61. At this point, I had already paid for the REG test, did the best I could, which was a 56 apparently. I now officially knew being a CPA wasn't so easy.

I took a year off, let my son get to the sleeping through most of the night stage. I am determined this time; I googled around and found Jeff and It has been fantastic to hear stories from other candidates.

After reading everything, I invested in a video review and Wiley MCQs combo. I took REG November 2012 and got a 64. That 64 inspired me; while it wasn’t a pass, at least I had improved from 2010.

I re-matched with REG at the end of January 2013, so we will see. I am looking forward to FAR on April 6th.

I am now trying to complete my journey with a job, a husband, two dogs and a toddler. Hopefully, I’ll get my CPA, and we will all live happily after.

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