FAR Study in Full Swing + Memorable Exam Experiences

04 Mar 2013


Elizabeth is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

So I’m studying my little brains out for FAR and even started singing my son lullabies about treatments for intangible assets.

On the plus side I have noticed that the NINJA Audio puts him to sleep in about 10 minutes.

It’s time to talk about the other component of the CPA exam, you and Prometric. I have had mixed experiences with Prometric. Some great; some are going to make a fantastic blog post.

My first sitting with Prometric was in the middle of winter. As it happened, the heat went out in the testing room at the beginning of the testing window. You wouldn’t think heat would be that big a deal.

However, my testing room is in a sealed off section of the building. So it's you and 13 other unlucky souls taking some exam in a room whose average temperature was 45 degrees. It was to the point that during exam sections, I was getting a restroom pass so I could hold my cold hands under hot water for a couple of minutes to thaw them.

It was then I learned to dress in layers and see whether your center will let you bring in gloves if the room is really cold. After my first icy Prometric exam, I did have two normal exams with no issues, my faith and the heat at Prometric had been restored.

Then I rescheduled an exam to an extended window testing date. I thought all was well. I got into the center early, did a last minute cram. And then presented my Prometric exam paperwork to the clerk.

She responds with the worst words ever “I’m sorry I don’t have a record of you a taking an exam today.” Let the tears commence after 45 minutes of me saying, “it’s an extended window, I can’t just take the test tomorrow!” I got to start my exam, missing exams shake your confidence a bit.

My last exam I realized that my driver’s license was missing. Ah, let the panic commence as I looked for any official document with my picture that would work for Prometric. I did eventually find my passport, so I got to take my exam.

In short, don’t let issues at Prometric shake you, just wear layers, know where your ID is, and verify your exam date. You too can have an uneventful exam experience. If you do have Prometric issues, just know it’s all part of the CPA candidate fun.

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