Introducing NINJA CPA Blogger Farah

23 Jul 2012


By Farah J

Farah is a new NINJA CPA Blogger.

HIYA! My name is Farah and I’m happy to come on board as a NINJA blogger.

Currently, I’m pursuing a Master of Accountancy, and will be graduating in December 2012. In addition to taking a full class load, I work part-time on campus, but my schedule fluctuates.

This will likely make finding time to study for the CPA exam a bit tricky when the semester starts back up in a couple months, but I’m up for the challenge.

Taking the summer off from work and studying full time for the CPA exam is not an option for me because, let’s face it, we all have bills to pay. So I’m doing an internship at a terrific company, while studying in the evenings for AUD. When school starts up again, I’ll return to my campus job, take classes, and continue studying for the other sections.

I decided to start studying for the CPA exam now because a lot of people say it’s difficult to find time to study once you start working full-time. So I took the plunge, got study materials and am currently tackling AUD.

What has been the most beneficial to you, the reader, as you look through the blogs? For me, it was knowing that people have studied, struggled and successfully passed the sections. The motivation and support on Another71 is great, and I hope that I can make a positive contribution during my time as a NINJA blogger!

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Jeff - 12 years ago

Welcome Farah!

12 years ago

Hey Farah! I agree on waiting to schedule the exam. That way you don't spend lots of money rescheduling them, either!