Pondering Motivation while Awaiting CPA Exam Scores

02 Aug 2012


By Farah J

Farah is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

As the countdown to score release day for many occurs, I want to say thank you to my husband and family for being so supportive.

We all have reasons for pursuing the CPA credential, and mine is that the certification will be a boost to my career, which will ultimately benefit my family.

Since I’ve been away from home for almost the last 2 months, finding the motivation to keep studying has been a bit more difficult, but the material needs to be learned. I admit that I do have fewer distractions though!

What worries me the most is disappointing my family, more than myself. They’ve only been supportive of this endeavour, even if my father-in-law calls accountants “bean counters”. I’m thinking those are some really expensive beans I’m counting, if that’s the case!

What is driving your motivation as you study and stalk the NASBA website? Money, family, security? Good luck all, here's hoping Jeff's score release prediction streak continues!

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