REG Study: MCQs, Notes, and NINJA Audio

26 Sep 2012


By Farah J

Farah is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

When it comes to audit or tax, accountants usually prefer one area over the other. I have yet to meet someone who enjoys them both equally.

As much as one can enjoy studying for the CPA exam, I can honestly say that I liked FAR and AUD, over REG. But I need this foundation in tax and law, so I’m diligently practicing MCQs, reviewing notes, and listening to the REG NINJA Audio.

I find that I’m drawing out a lot of items, such as timelines to figure out which creditor has priority, and tables to keep the tax rules straight. I’m using a lot of scratch paper, but I think all the NINJAs understand how many pads of paper you go through while studying for the CPA exam.

Someone once told me that, “I should know this stuff by now,” when I was studying for FAR and I realize that a lot of us have heard this at one time or another in our CPA journey. However, even if I think I know it, there’s always something new to learn, some nuance to pick up.

As a (hopefully) future CPA, I am always going to be learning. After all, those CPE hours aren’t going to complete themselves!

So even as I sit here, drilling through the lectures, MCQs, and notes, I understand that the learning process never ends. I’m just in an intense phase with the CPA exam and graduate school.

Once the CPA exam sections are done, I can take it slower. But for now, I need to keep concentrating and learning, like Angie, JoMarie and Kricket!