Halfway Done! BEC Passed on First Try

13 Mar 2014

I Passed BEC, NINJA CPA Review

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I took my BEC exam in February and I was so excited to receive my passing score of 81 last Friday! Thank God!

I couldn’t be happier because I really thought I failed. Those of you who took it this window know what I’m talking about. I think it is true that BEC got harder!

I want to take this time to thank Jeff for his NINJA method and the Another71 forum for sharing their study tips. Now, it’s my turn to share with you my study suggestions that helped me passed this exam:

1. Use the NINJA method. I know it works because I passed FAR and BEC on my first attempt!

2. Do not underestimate this exam. Do a lot of MCQs and practice the written communications. Just like those who passed, I did over 1,600 MCQs and practiced writing WCs.

3. Repetition is the key! How can you remember those formulas, and IT & Economic terms? Use flashcards, read the NINJA Notes, work on those MCQs, and listen to the Audio. It’s ok if you don’t remember the terms right away because it takes time. Just be consistent and it will pay off!

4. Write your notes. I wrote my notes this time including all the formulas I need to remember for the test. Handwriting my notes helped me grasp and remember those concepts on exam day.

5. As Jeff said, “Study as if your life depended on it.” An hour of serious studying is better than 2 or 3 hours of half studying. I use noise canceling phones and listen to classical music while studying which helped me focus and get in my “study zone.”

6. Attitude equals altitude. I try to have a positive attitude about studying. I noticed that when I’m angry, annoyed, or upset before studying I don’t get a lot accomplished. Before I started this journey, I wrote down the reasons why I’m taking this test. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read that sheet of paper before I start studying. For some reason, it helps me refocus and be excited about studying.

I scheduled AUD in May and REG hopefully in September.

I believe anyone can pass BEC the first try with the right materials, attitude and a lot of hard work.

‘Till then NINJAs!

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Nicki Smith 10 years ago

Congrats! I did not pass BEC on the first try this February, but I am going to take your advice to heart, I definitely know I need to study harder and get in the zone. Even though I failed I know now what needs to be done differently. Congrats again! Finish strong!

Sarah 10 years ago

Congratulations! I am taking BEC in April and appreciate your post. It's helping me stay motivated and and I liked your study tips. I am going to try your classical music w/noise cancelling headphones approach. I study at home and family life can be distracting... Good luck with your last two exams!!

Mohamed Talaat 10 years ago