AUD Exam Recap + FAR Studies Begin

09 Dec 2012


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Good Afternoon Bloggers…

Well it finally came. I sat for AUD on Thursday, December 6, and I am so glad that is over with.

This was my first attempt on any part in over 12 years and the anxiety leading up to the exam was paralyzing.

I really am relieved just that the day had come and is over – for now.

I learned a great deal from sitting. First, I did not know the test environment and the check in procedure. I went the day before and got a feel for it but not the registration process. When I came back the next day I could not get to the garage and park!

As how my life goes, a graduate student, God rest his soul, was run over by an eighteen wheeler right in front of the testing facility. The street was shut down because the kid died under the truck.

Yet, I was so engrossed in my anxiety that all I cared about was a parking spot or garage I could not get to. Sounds awful and it is.

It is bad enough I expect my family, friends and employer to compensate me but now my compassion and values are out the window too! I wonder what type of person I will become after all this. Oh well… I live in a capitalist society.

Keep in mind I only lost my sanity until I actually sat down for the test but still imagine if someone cut me off and took my parking spot? I can honestly say it would not have been a good day for that individual.

Does anyone else feel the way I do?

The second thing I learned and probably the biggest for me was my confidence in my testing tools. I am pretty sure I had explained about my review course ordeal in prior posts, so I will be brief. I was not sure the information was relevant for the exam so I had purchased Wiley CPA through and also used the NINJA Notes, Flashcards and Audio.

Since I could not be sure I had the most current material with my other review course, I grabbed everything NINJA. I also purchased a flashcard app for my IPAD before I knew about using the NINJA flashcards using the BrainScape App.

So my anxiety was high because I did not know if I would see similar questions, formats and simulations on the exam. Well, much to my surprise when I began every question looked familiar. The biggest impact was the Wiley MCQs and the NINJA Package.

I would listen to the audio at the gym and always pick up something new from it. This caused me to research a certain topic and learn from it, which reinforced subject matter I was tested on. I felt reassured that even if I do not succeed the first try, I have the tools necessary to pass this exam.

Another note of interest was the NASBA website. Of course I read the site after the exam (bad move) and it explains exactly what subject matter will be tested. I found it to be true and accurate.

I read tester’s reactions on the Another71 Forum about their low Audit scores so I am not expecting to pass. I tested in the high 80s on the Wiley MCQs but the Simulations were familiar and mastered. I did not see a majority of the simulations I encountered on the exam but thought I may have had enough knowledge.

So I wait with realistic expectations on my score with my fingers crossed. I do believe it is true that the more time you put in to the information the more successful a tester will be.

I also learned that doing just enough is not even remotely close to what is needed to pass. Study hard and often and success will come – it is a numbers game and aren’t we as future CPAs good at numbers?

Ahhhh, the ironies of life.

So I wish everyone a great and safe holiday this December. I will be sitting for FAR come February 3 and I begin my study schedule Monday evening. Well, maybe Tuesday … big game on Monday Evening (Patriots vs. Texans ).

Here we go again … the sacrifices we as testers must face!


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