BEC Exam Experience: Reflecting and Moving On

14 Aug 2012


By rogina

Gina is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

Well, my test day for BEC has come and gone and I’ve had a couple of days to reflect on the experience.

I didn’t feel well prepared for the exam, but I felt as if I will never feel 100% prepared any sections. I had memorized some equations, but had not practiced them enough. I went in hoping I would have more theory than equations.

My game plan was to answer all the theory questions that I knew first, then go back and work the MCQs that had equations. Any question that I was not sure about or had not seen before in the review material would receive my best guess answer.

I wrote down all the equations I’d memorized on the scrap paper given and started the exam.

I left myself a little under one hour to work the Sims. I have an associate degree in English, so I really was not worried about the writing part. I just wanted to make sure I covered each point and provide key words that I thought the examiners would look for when scoring that part.

Do I think I passed? I certainly hope so. If I didn’t, I know it’s because I didn’t practice the equations enough and that is what I will have to work on if I have to re-take BEC

For now, it’s on to FAR.

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naptural80 12 years ago

Gina i'm sure you did great! I'm studying for FAR myself and it's a beast. I took BEC first as well and passed. When I walked out the exam I wasn't sure how well I did, but I told myself I passed and low and behold I did. Be confident in the work you put in and move forward to FAR. Best of luck to you!

Gina 12 years ago

I'm really hoping so. I started studying for FAR with the expectations that I will NOT have to ever look at BEC again.