Getting Ready for Baby + On Schedule with FAR Review

15 Nov 2013


Greg is a NINJA CPA Blogger.


So my wife and I are getting the baby’s room painted this week, and we just ordered most of his furniture. Note that I said we are “getting the baby’s room painted.” I have only painted once in my life.

When my wife (then girlfriend) and I bought our first place together, we were naïve and thought we could paint our 2 bedrooms ourselves. Within about 45 seconds, my wife had stepped in paint, and I fired her from the job.

I think I did a decent job finishing the bedrooms myself. They weren’t perfect, but they looked good, and it worked for the 3 years that we lived there.

But it was not an enjoyable experience. So for our new house, I will not be doing any painting. As my late father-in-law would say “I write a mean check.” We got lucky that a friend of a friend has a painting business, and he can paint the room for a very reasonable price.

So on top of studying for hopefully my final seating of the CPA exam, I am expected to have the baby’s furniture built and set up before my wife’s baby shower, which is the weekend before my test. And you can’t really argue with a pregnant woman. That is one thing I’ve learned these past few months.

Even if you are right, you are wrong. So I repeat, DO NOT argue with a pregnant woman.

Anyways, I just finished up my review videos the other day. I am right on schedule. I am going through the FAR NINJA BLITZ videos now.

I have the NINJA notes, and NINJA audio, and they are basically the exact same info as the BLITZ videos. But I think I like BLITZ better. The only time I listen to the audio is on my commute to and from work. I find that I don’t always pay as much attention as I should, since I am trying to focusing on driving my car at the same time.

The notes are great too, but I like the format of the BLITZ videos better. Either way, I will be using them all and more.

I should be finished with BLITZ in a couple days. Then I move on to 2 weeks of nonstop multiple choice questions, while mixing in the NINJA audio on my kindle.

I didn’t have any of these supplemental materials the first time I passed FAR. I just used the self-study review course that I purchased initially for all 4 sections. I have since switched that up to another review course. This new review course has helped me get over the hump for AUD & REG. So I think I should be in good shape this time around.

Say it with me “C – P – A !”

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