In Full NINJA Attack Mode for BEC

01 Feb 2013


Greg is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

Things are moving along nicely with my BEC studying. For the first time I have decided to adopt the NINJA method. Right now I’m Nailing my videos, and taking Intense notes on said videos.

I have gotten through 3 of the 6 chapters in about a week’s time. I have a little over 4 weeks to go 'til my exam.

I’m not going to focus any attention on multiple choice questions in my software. Once I’m through all the videos, in hopefully just another week, I’ll start doing Nonstop multiple choice questions in the Wiley Test Bank and my review course software.

By week 3, I plan to start Just re-writing my NINJA Notes and my notes from the videos. By week 4 it should All start to come together. I will use the last 2 weeks doing a ridiculous amount of multiple choice questions.

I pretty feel good about my plan – well, Jeff’s plan more or less. And with the delays due to the “fiscal cliff”, tax season shouldn’t have ramped up just yet. So I will be able to devote the appropriate amount of time to my studies.

In other areas of my life: we are the middle of some serious tax training at my office. They hire a number of tax interns for the season, and do about a week or so of intense training to get them ready. This is my first April tax season with a new company, and my previous company didn’t do anything like this.

When I started working there out of college, I had only really done my own tax returns for the past few years (other than the returns we had to do in my 1 tax class in college). I had prepared my returns completely by hand and didn’t feel like I had any idea what I was doing.

At work I probably had like an hour of training on the fundamentals of the tax software. After that, I was given a few client work-paper files, and basically thrown to the wolves. Luckily I was able to pick-up the software pretty quickly, but some real training on the tax concepts, application, and software would have been very helpful.

I was skeptical at first, but the interns really seem to be getting a lot out of it. Now that I’m a Tax Senior and the interns will be preparing some of my returns, I’m happy that they actually will have some idea what they’re doing.

In other news: my wife’s birthday is this weekend (it’s actually Monday, but really she’s going to milk it for about a week). We are having some friends and family over this weekend for some drinks, pizza, and games. My wife is big into game night.

Once you’re a few years out of college (and more so when you hit 30), I’ve found that you no longer have the desire to go to bars and stay out all night drinking and getting wild on your birthday (or anytime). Game night is your big event.

My wife’s brother and cousins, all who are around our age, are coming over with their significant others. Don’t get me wrong, our game nights get pretty wild – especially when we play guys vs. girls. You have no idea. Since this is a blog post, I should note the sarcasm up in here.

Normally on a Saturday 4 weeks before an exam, I would spend all day and night studying, with small breaks to eat, go to the bathroom, and maybe shower. This will be a nice break, and it’s far enough from my exam that it won’t hurt to take the night off.

Finally, hopefully I will get my AUD score on Monday, and it will be much better than my last 2 scores. I really need to be done with AUD. Good luck to everyone else expecting scores – keep your fingers crossed for me and I will keep mine crossed for you!

We can do this!

And a happy birthday to my wife, Kelly!

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