Introducing NINJA CPA Blogger Hana

23 Sep 2013


Hana is a new NINJA CPA Blogger.

Hello. My name is Hana. I am a nontraditional accounting student that has come to be sitting for this exam in a roundabout crazy way.

I never imagined myself Hana C., CPA, and still question whether or not it will come true. But here I am, finally feeling focused on tackling this beast. I finished a Master of Accounting program this spring and got married shortly after that.

With all the craziness that finishing school, planning the wedding, and work was throwing at me I hardly had a chance to crack open any study materials.

I made a sorry attempt to sit for AUD in January of this year thinking that with only 3 weeks of studying during winter break (taking a break for Christmas of course) I would be just fine. I scored, of course, a 71 but gained a huge realization of what these exams would be like and learned that just because you got an A in the class doesn't mean you are ready.

I am not a good studier and never have been and challenging me to become one has been difficult. I had every hope of at least passing one section this summer after returning from an amazing honeymoon in Costa Rica because I had two months off before starting at one of the Big 4 firms.

Within a week of being home from the honeymoon I was sick like I never had been before and it took almost the two months for me to get better. Luckily, I was better in time before work began and I couldn’t have been more excited or scared.

So here I am now struggling with the long hours of an auditor and coming home to video sessions and Wiley MCQs. I will make another attempt at AUD and my first pass at REG in October, I hope I can ease my nerves and keep a confident attitude.

I am hoping that after all of this I will still be married, my dog will recognize me, and my friends will start calling again.

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