Stomach Bug Strikes + A Slow Start to AUD Studying

10 May 2013


Heather is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

So, my study plan didn’t really start out like I had hoped it would this past week. It all started when my husband (firefighter/EMT) brought home a strain of the Norovirus stomach bug going around.

I make it a point to keep my immune system built up because of all the sickness he is exposed to in his line of work. But this virus totally beat my immune system DOWN. My vitamin C was no match for this monster.

Stomach bug – 1; Heather’s Immune System – 0.

So after 4 days, we started feeling better, which meant I then I had to sterilize our house! Fun! Excuses, excuses…I finally started studying on Sunday afternoon.

Even though I wasn’t feeling well, I really did listen to Jeff on the NINJA Audio, over and over and over and over…which really helped when I actually go into the material on Sunday afternoon.

I’ve also come to the conclusion to wait until July to take AUD. I’ve only got 3 weeks left before the testing window closes, and I don’t think it’s enough time for me to know the material well enough to make a passing score.

Call it procrastination, preparation, or whatever. I think it’s the right decision for me. I think once I get one passing score under my belt, I’ll have a completely different outlook on tackling the exam.

Here’s to a better study week!


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