Introducing NINJA CPA Blogger Heather

Heather is a new NINJA CPA Blogger.

I want to preface by saying, I’m probably not your typical accountant. Instead of the OCD organizational freak stereotype, I’m more like a cluttered procrastinating thriving on last minute pressure type of person.

My requirements to sit for the CPA exam were met over a year ago. Originally, I told myself I would knock it right away.

At one point I was determined to go in the FBI. I took the LSAT earlier this year, just to decide later, I wasn’t ready for the commitment to law school. I’ve already changed my career once just over a year after college.

That’s why I knew I needed to schedule my exams, create the looming deadline and force myself to just do it. If anyone could drag out the CPA exam, it is me.

I am in a transition period from one job to another. Luckily the timing was perfect, leaving the two weeks before my first exam open for studying.

I will be starting at my new position within days to a week after the exam. Chances are I won’t have another two weeks off like this, so I cannot afford to not waste it.

I bought self-study materials, and then supplemented with NINJA Notes. I have created my own hybrid system, which just seems to evolve daily.

I am impressed so far and have been contemplating adding the Wiley test bank. We’ll see. I spent more time researching the best study plans than actually studying!

So here I am two weeks from my first section (BEC), naturally behind my study plan and it’s do or die time.





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