Final Approach: Less than a Month until REG

02 Aug 2012


By Isaac

Isaac is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

I’m down to the “final approach” on my REG studies. I take my exam in less than a month.

I began utilizing the NINJA Notes recently and, wow, they are really beneficial. They bring everything down to a simple and concise level so that each concept can be reviewed and understood. You should consider using them if you aren’t already.

When I started studying for REG, I didn’t know what to expect. Tax isn’t my strong area. However, I have really been able to understand most of the tax topics.

I mean, there are a few topics that still give me trouble, but for the most part, I feel good about it.

The business law section, however, has proved very difficult for me. It reminds me of AUD. You have to read VERY carefully and pick out all the key points of each question. Not to mention there are a lot of little bites of information to understand.

But I’m going to get it. I just have to continue reviewing my book, review the NINJA Notes and effectively going through as many MCQs as I can.

One thing I’ve found very helpful while studying for a long section, such as REG or FAR, is taking some time each night to review a previous chapter. For example, Monday and Tuesday of this week I was studying “Secured Transactions” in Business Law. But I also spent about 30 minutes of each of those days reviewing “Transactions in Property”.

I don’t go through the whole chapter. But I might skim through the chapter and notes, and then pick out 20 or 30 MCQs from that chapter and go over them. This helps me retain some of those concepts from previous chapters that I learned 30 or 45 days ago.

I know I’m not the only one that forgets stuff. I mean, after 3 weeks of Business Law, it’s very easy to lose track of some of the earlier tax concepts. I hope this helps someone.

Good luck to everyone that is testing and studying! Have a great week!

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