Heading into REG Final Review

10 Aug 2012


By Isaac

Isaac is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

Not much has changed for me since last week. I’m still studying for REG.

I’m almost finished with Business Law. If I finish Business Law next week, I will have 2 weeks to review. For my review, I’m going to redo ALL multiple choices questions and continue reading the NINJA Notes.

For me, a review is vital. I have a tendency to forget some of the smaller items in previous chapters. While going through my review, I have a lot of “oh yeah!” moments. When that happens, I usually take the time to really reinforce that theory/concept.

As far as MCQs are concerned, I have always read that doing MCQ’s until you are sick is one secret to pass. I know some people don’t agree with this thought, but for me it works. I plan to do lots of questions every day. And by lots, I mean at least 100 per day.

My exam is August 30th. I really believe I am going to pass this one. I read a post on the forum today of someone that is trying to think positive about their score on their next exam. I too am going to enter this exam with the same positive attitude. I believe I am going to score in the 90s on REG in a few weeks.

Keep pressing on everyone! Keep your heads up!

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Karen 12 years ago

Good Luck Isaac! And yes do those multiple choice questions until you puke. Clean up and do more.

Melissa 12 years ago

Isaac- I think the hardest part about positive thoughts is the potential disappointment. It is good to be reminded that so much of success is mental strength and a positive frame of mind. Karen- Love this: "Clean up and do more."