Audit Coming Up: Working MCQs and Rewriting Notes

12 Oct 2012


By Isaac

Isaac is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

My next exam is next Wednesday. I’m taking Audit again. This will be my third attempt.

This time, I did all the questions in the Wiley book at least two times and I’m also doing every question in the Wiley Test Bank.

I’m starting to feel more comfortable about this one than I ever have. I’m scoring in the 80’s on most of the questions that I do.

Another thing I’m doing (starting tonight), is writing the NINJA Notes. I’ve heard too many people say that doing this got them over the hump. On my previous attempts at Audit I received a 73 and then a 70.

This time I will pass. With the help of God of course.

I hope all of you are staying encouraged and keeping up the good work. If you haven’t studied for Audit yet or taken it yet don’t be discouraged by my blog. Audit is not difficult. It’s just tricky.

You have to read VERY slowly and make sure you understand what the question is asking and what the answer is saying. One word on this exam can really mess you up.

By the way, today is my third Wedding Anniversary. She probably won’t read this, but Happy Anniversary to my beautiful wife Amy. I love you.