Incentives Kick-Start My REG Studies

23 Aug 2012


By janaj

Jana is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

HiYa Guys!

Given that exam scores were released a couple days ago, I hope that many of you were greeted with good news!

Seeing all of the posts in various places online reminds me of early June, when I was waiting for my first score, AUD. I can remember frantically hitting refresh all afternoon, waking up in the middle of the night to check NTS updates on the forum, and finally receiving my score on my iPhone at work.

Now that I’m experiencing it all again as a mere spectator, I’m wishing I’d lit a fire throughout the summer so that I could at least have attempted one more exam before the close of the testing window… but life just gets you sometimes.

I have gained my momentum back and I am back to my trusty Wiley book, as well as NINJA Notes for reinforcement and NINJA Audio whenever I’m in the car. (Unless Neal Boortz is on, then I offer myself a reprieve.)

Somehow starting again with REG feels almost impossible. I know I felt the same way with AUD so I have to just keep on trucking until the content seems like basic information that I’ve known for years, but that is obviously easier said than done ?.

I tend to motivate myself by making studying more comfortable and offering incentives, such as Starbucks or in today’s case, a new desk lamp from Target. It worked! I’ve completed an entire module today, start to finish and took about ¾ of a legal pad worth of notes.

Do you need any extra motivation to kick-start your studying? What works for you?