FAR Study: Putting the Highligher Down

06 Aug 2012


Jaquetta is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

After losing REG and AUD I decided to try another review program and as I am going through FAR, it is really making sense, but I have mixed feeling about this.

Is this because the new review program that I am using is more suited to my learning style or because I have been through the material before?

So, let’s say that it’s because the new review program is more suited to my learning style. In that case I wasted a lot of time and money on the wrong review program! I agree that silly mnemonics do help me recall information, but the endless highlighting I did in the past was useless.

With the new program, I haven’t highlighted one thing, but I understand and feel like I am retaining the information. I can discern what I am going to need to spend more time on in my review.

In addition to using the NINJA method, Notes, and NINJA Audio I would encourage people considering taking the exam to do a thorough analysis of each CPA exam review program. The most popular review course doesn’t work for everyone.

Check out the provider’s website for demos, trials, or free courses so that you can see the different styles. Look for YouTube videos from the course providers. Also, look for discounts as some of the providers will give you a discount for switching to their review program.

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Kami 12 years ago

What CPA review course are you using because I am done highlighting too.