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31 Mar 2012


By jasonc


HA71R – or in CPA studying mnemonic terminology – Hello readers.

I had high dreams for myself and started sitting for the exam back in 2007 as I was also taking graduate school courses and obtaining my MBA.

One section later – I quit… In the mean time I graduated with my MBA, got married, had a baby and moved from Tampa to Phoenix for my wife’s job.

One quick job search later, I knew I needed to acquire my CPA. With a $3k investment into some software – I was on my way. My software arrived in March 2011, and I scheduled FAR for early July and REG for late August. Failed FAR miserably and REG with a 70.

Besides the fact that failing these exams isn’t cheap, I felt that I just had wasted hours and hours of my time…Then one day while I was studying for the exam, I flipped over to Facebook (we all do it) and somehow ended up on the Facebook page. After a couple of days of looking at the actual site and reading comments, etc… I purchased the REG NINJA notes and the REG Wiley MCQs.

I took REG in late November 2011 and boom – passed. BEC was next…purchased the BEC NINJA notes and BEC Wiley test bank and boom – passed in late February 2012.

I’m currently studying for AUD as I have scheduled the exam for May 30th. I just started watching the lectures yesterday and I am following my current strategy of watching all of the lectures first and then completing the MCQ’s within the software that I purchased.

Next – I buy the Wiley test bank and do MCQ’s for 2 hours per day (1 hour at lunch and 1 hour after my son is in bed). In addition, I mix in about an hour per day of reading the NINJA notes and/or Wiley Focus Notes. Then I’m moving onto FAR and that scares me about as much as the next KSU Basketball Coach leaving for greener pastures (as in $EC green).

Well I will write you all next week and let you know how much of these AUD lectures I complete.

Oh – and my wife is pregnant with a baby girl in August just to add to the pressure of memorizing various mnemonics.

Go Blue!!

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