Finishing up REG Studies + Closing on New House

17 Jun 2013


Jason is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

Dear fellow NINJAs,

I am coming to the end of my REG studies; I only have about 20 or so days left until I test.

I am feeling fairly confident going through MCQ after MCQ. I am also supplementing that with my NINJA Notes and Audio.

It's a great combo because when you get a few MCQs wrong in a row and it throws you off your MCQ game you can turn to the Notes or the Audio for a quick reprieve and get back on track.

Within this timeline we also close on our house and start repairs, fun right!

I am also a little down for my buddies in the live review. Out of the 5 or so people that I sit around/study with, myself and one other person are the only ones that passed our AUD exam. It’s tough because while you want to celebrate I also feel bad that they don’t get the chance to celebrate (YET!).

Do you guys have friends/co-workers/etc that didn’t pass and you did? How did you deal with that?

Till next time,


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