REG Behind Me, FAR Exam Coming Soon

09 Jul 2013


Jason is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

Fellow NINJAs,

I took REG on July 2, and I have mixed feelings about how it went.

I felt the MCQ’s were pretty straightforward then I got to the SIMS and BAM, my brain seemed like it had just quit. They were, in my opinion, way more challenging than what I was expecting.

After clicking through all of them not really knowing which one to start with or how to continue I was able to regroup and at least put something in the response fields. Hopefully I did enough to carry me to a 75.

I have a retake of FAR scheduled for 7/16, so now I am buckling down hitting my NINJA Notes, endless MCQ’s, and whatever else I can do to get me over the hump and pass FAR.

With FAR and REG taken I should find out around 8/5 my fate on these last two exams. Best case scenario is my next post is my final post. That’s what I’m swinging for! I hope the best for my fellow NINJAs! Keep studying and working those MCQs.


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