FAR and REG Scores In: Time to Reset and Refocus

07 Aug 2013


Jason is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

Anyone who has ever failed a section knows the feeling of disappointment that I felt today as I received my scores for FAR (71) and REG (68).

I had a gut feeling walking out of the testing center that I didn’t have enough to pass either exam. Knowing that still doesn’t ease the blow or make it less deflating.

Being within 10 points on any exam is hard, within 5 it stings even more…I cannot say that I’ve received the dreaded 74 but I can imagine that being the worst.

It has been months of studying, preparation, and countless MCQs all for NASBA to say your close but not quite there.

Really it’s not their fault. The blame lies solely on the test taker – if only one or two more days I could’ve passed.

These are all thoughts I’ve had. But the thing about it, you cannot get stuck in those thoughts. The test is done, the scores are in, I failed…it doesn’t matter how close I got or how much more I could’ve put in.

What one must think about now is how to go back, attack the test and get the 75. Jeff posts regularly about getting a 74 and how to handle it. He says your not one point away – you were one point away a month ago. You need to regroup and study like you did before – but more.

That’s what I plan on doing. I was studying for 2 exams last section, I do better one at a time. So that’s what I’m going to do. Refocus on FAR – reset my MCQ’s/Sims, put my head down listening to the NINJA Audio, reading the NINJA Notes and pass it.

Then I’ll move onto REG – doing the same thing. If anything getting that close gives me a confidence that I can pass it. And anyone that’s felt the sting of being close it should do the same for you!


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