A New House, FAR Score, and Final AUD Preparations

13 May 2013


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Hello fellow NINJAs,

7 points, a 68…not as bad as a 74 but it still hurts. That 68 would be my FAR score.

I walked away knowing I did well, this could be because the SIMS are last – and comparative to everyone that passed I was stronger than the curve on the SIMS. Needless to say I failed FAR in the MCQs.

This is a big letdown because, at least, to me it seems I know the information. I just didn’t read well enough what the questions were asking (READ THE ENGLISH – my professor says).

But the schedule of my review class has me squaring off with AUD next. So I must put that behind me and focus myself on my studies.

Speaking of focus, if you read my last post, my wife and I put an offer in on a house. It was accepted and now comes the onslaught on paperwork, miscommunication, realtors, inspectors, lenders, appraisers, contractors, bleeding cash and taking time off work to get things done. On top of studying for AUD…Luckily I have the NINJA Notes.

These things are a lifesaver!!!!

When I cannot focus enough to read the questions on the MCQs … “READ THE ENGLISH!!!” … I’ll miss 6-10 in a row and just stop, I know the issue is a lack of focus. That’s where the NINJA NOTES come in handy. I can read those over and over and over again (much better than a very verbose book painted in highlighter) and get back on track.

A practical example and I’ll get off of here – Tracing and Vouching always screwed me up, I could never get it straight. The notes laid them out perfectly! Tracing tests Completeness and Vouching tests Existence…T comes before V and C comes before E!!!!

That’s at least 2 questions on the exam that I will now get right (when I couldn’t focus to pound MCQs) that the notes helped me with.

Till next time,


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