Focused and Ready: REG Exam on Saturday

02 May 2013


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Counting down to REG on Saturday morning … tick, tock, tick, tock.

I am feeling better than I ever have before an exam because I put in quality time, not hours zoned out watching a lecture because I HAD to as some sort of cosmic punishment, but quality, focused time because I wanted to.

I posted on Facebook yesterday afternoon that I had 64 1/2 hours to go until the exam and that I would be offline until then so that I could focus on my final review. I even asked people to remind me that I was in study mode if I showed up online.

Apparently, posting a picture of an afghan I just completed from my phone counts, because someone called me out on it. Well, I did ask people to do that, so I have nothing to say to her but ‘thank you'.

When I got home from work last night my dear husband, who is very handy, was digging up our septic tank in preparation of a servicing today. He had a little trouble finding what he needed down there and all of the sudden, my Internet died. Yes, you guessed it, he hit and broke the phone/Internet line to the house.

So, I could have panicked and thought that my exam prep was ruined – my last two nights to prepare and I cannot get to the Wiley test bank! Oh, well, I know that I am feeling better about this exam because I told him that the phone and DSL were out and there was no panic in my voice, just, oh well, I will go work on my notes.

Because I have put in some good focused time here, I did not need to panic, I just went to plan B.

I want to make a sign for my husband that says ‘call before you dig' but since he built the house, he would have to call himself.

I know I can do this – I am 48 1/2 hours away from the test and my palms are not sweating. As I listen to Jeff's voice, I am starting to say out loud what he is about to say next.

I think that it is pretty darn funny that even if I wanted to wander onto Facebook last night or this morning, that the universe found a way to stop me.

Time will tell, but I think I am going to nail this exam.


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