BEC: Plans Change for Final Preparations

28 Nov 2012


Jen is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

It is the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and I am holed up in a Starbucks 450 miles from home, glued to my laptop. I am taking BEC on Monday, three and a half weeks later than planned.

My plan had been to finish up my studying three weeks in advance of my November 3 test date, giving me plenty of time to review, MCQ, and more. I finished my videos, but then life intervened. Twice.

First I postponed to November 9, and when that clearly wasn’t going to be enough time, I pushed it out again to November 26. Even so, with 10 days until my test date, I was worried.

But I buckled down. Having the past few days off work, with extended family to take care of my kids while I study, has been really helpful.

I’ve been doing blocks of Wiley MCQs and reviewing/rewriting the topics that I’m weaker on (cost measurement! Financial management! IT! ARGH!), and reinforcing that with NINJA Audio.

Things are starting to look up. I’m hitting close to 75% on my weaker subjects, and in the upper 80s for my stronger subjects.

I’m not what you would call confident about this test. But at least I feel like I have a chance at a pass. And I did not feel that way three weeks ago.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone, and happy studying!!