Juggling Act: Work, School, Family, and the CPA Exam

20 Feb 2013


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It has been six weeks since my last blog post. I have been neglecting my NINJA duties, it’s true. But as it turns out, much has changed since that last post.

I was going to take REG next. Nope, change of plans, now I think I’m going to give AUD a shot.

I was going to start studying not too long after New Year’s. Um, I haven’t even started studying yet.

I was going to take two classes this semester. Much as it pains me, I’m going to take one class. I weighed the pain of two classes with the pain of extending my degree yet another semester, and I chose the latter.

It will be four years of part-time classes when I finish my MSA next December, and I’m disappointed that I won’t be done in May, but I know that my sanity will thank me.

So what have I been doing for the past six weeks? Well, I did take a week or two to relax a little, but then work ramped up – closing out the year, preparing for our audit kickoff meeting last week.

I topped it off by dealing with an illness or four–colds, stomach bugs, and possibly even a sinus infection; not all mine, thank goodness, but messy.

The tides do seem to be turning, knock on wood – we’re all healthy at home, the audit kickoff went very well, the fiscal year is closed, and I completed a draft of our year-end financials from my sick bed last week.

Class starts on Thursday, and I took a stab at a schedule for myself. I think I can fit in work, school, studying for AUD, and possibly even time for family and working out!

I would love to hear how YOU do it all, so please leave me a comment with your tips.

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