AUD Study Begins with a Plan and a Goal

23 Feb 2013


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I finally started studying for AUD the other night. Finally.

I pulled out a calendar and counted. It has been 12 weeks since I took BEC. Yikes! 12 weeks wasted! What was I thinking?

I’m so glad I got back to it, though. Even though it’s crunch time at work, even though it meant skipping a planned night of reading for my class, even though it may mean I can’t squeeze in one more movie viewing before the Oscars on Sunday.

It feels good to have a plan and a goal, instead of just having it looming over my head like a stormcloud.

I set my target date for May 1, but that is to give myself a two-week cushion for review and Wiley MCQs only. I will most likely schedule it for May 18.

I won’t be able to do my normal reschedule shuffle, though. I have a BIG REWARD on May 22 – we’re going to Hawaii for two weeks! So I have to get it in before then. I know it will feel great to get it out of the way before we leave.

On the docket this week: planning and internal control.


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