Survived My First Audit + AUD Planned for May

14 Mar 2013


Jen is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

I survived the audit! Not the CPA exam section, but my first ever audit at work.

It was relentless, and it’s hard to imagine doing that work for weeks and months at a stretch, like the actual auditors do. Of course, I also had to work on a paper for my class, and study for the exam, so that made it even harder.

Okay, I didn’t actually study for the exam last week. But instead of getting discouraged about my lack of progress, I just jumped right back on the wagon this weekend.

I’m only a few days behind, and I think I’ll be able to catch up while I’m on spring break from school next week.

Plus, now that I’ve seen what an audit looks like, I think I have a deeper understanding of the material. Last night I studied a portion of planning, and it really started to make more sense than when I took the class and it was all hypothetical.

So I took the plunge, and applied for my NTS for AUD and REG today! I’m planning on a May test date for Audit, and something in August for REG, before the window closes. I’d love to hear about your plans – let me know how you’re doing!

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