FAR Study Continues During an Amazing European Vacation

29 Jan 2013


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Bonjour fellow CPA test takers,

I recently returned from a wonderful vacation across Europe with my wife. We both spent a week settling back in by doing laundry, checking e-mails, readjusting to Pacific Standard Time, and getting caught up at work.

We both decided to go “off the grid” during the trip and actually enjoy the time without interruptions. The world will not end if we did not check Facebook or e-mails (so the theory goes).

We did a tour across Europe so there was considerable time on a tour bus. This was beneficial for me since I had my practice tests for FAR in tow with a stack of index cards to scribble notes.

I will have to say the highways are smooth and great for studying. Cobblestone roads made me nauseous and made note taking very difficult. I have a better handle on government and non-profit now based on the results of the practice tests.

I still need to focus more time on pensions in addition to doing a quick review of the overall material before the next test date.

The highlights of the trip were in Venice, Italy and Paris, France. It was amazing to see Venice where the streets are waterways with churches adorned with intricate hand carved details surviving through the centuries.

Paris was an amazing city with so much to experience. We visited all the major attractions including the Louvre Museum and the Eiffel tower. The cuisine set Paris apart from all the destinations. I highly recommend the brown crab if you are a seafood fan.

Until next time. Study hard!

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