House Shopping + Nervous for FAR Score Release

22 Feb 2013


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Hi fellow CPA test takers,

It has been two weeks since I sat for FAR again. I must admit I am a bit nervous this time around.

My 18 month deadline is the end of May. This leaves me one last narrow window if I do not pass again. On the bright side, I should worry when scores are released. Positive thoughts, right?

My wife and I were house hunting the past weekends in San Francisco. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the SF real estate market, the standard rules of pricing does not necessarily apply.

Some competing offers are all cash and the distance on Google maps has no relationship with travel time. Tenancy in Commons are as common as condos and single family homes. We have specific neighborhoods we are watching and I have no doubt we will find a house.

One new experience is the real estate agent suggesting that we write a personal letter to the seller. We went through several drafts to highlight the reasons we wanted the home while omitting details to maintain some privacy.

Until next time. Keep studying!

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