Four Weeks Down + Too “FAR” to Go

25 Apr 2012


By joed

Joe is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.


So I just got through chapters 1-4 in my study materials. This covered the Income Statement, Reporting Requirements, Matching, Marketable Securities, Business Combinations, Working Capital, and Fixed Assets.

I actually enjoyed the way the materials were laid out as things have not been too difficult and it has allowed me to get back in the swing of things after taking BEC in early April.

I have also played Jeff’s FAR NINJA Audio on repeat for the last 4 weeks. For better or worse I am confident I could pick his voice out in a crowded room. I recommend using his Audio as he commands a very clear, crisp voice and goes over the most important topics in FAR.

Over the next week I will get through all of the Wiley MCQs for chapters 1-4. Wiley has a lot of questions I find to be similar to the exam. I recommend printing out the questions you get wrong. I just started doing this and it really helps me learn the material as I have a piece of paper to mark up and write on vs. a computer screen.

As I go through Wiley’s MCQs this week, I will spend a few hours each day re-writing the NINJA Notes for the chapters I have covered. My past experience with BEC proved that re-writing the NINJA notes helped get all of that information to stick!

I have a long ways to go and a short amount of time to do it in. I know Debt and Pensions will be my weakest areas, but I am confident that Jeff’s Audio and NINJA notes along with Wiley’s MCQs will get me as ready as possible to pass this beast of an exam!

Good Luck guys and leave me messages as to how you were able to get through FAR. I will take all the advice you can give me!

Talk to you soon,


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