REG Study: Fighting Summertime Distractions

21 Jul 2012


By joed

Joe is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.


This is my first experience of Studying for CPA during the summer months, and I have to admit it is a struggle to stay motivated.

I find myself in the library of my local college with not a soul in sight and the constant stream of Facebook updates reminding me of how much fun the “Beach” is. This is all worth it, right?!?! I know it is.

I have just finished my Auditing test and I feel great about the MCQs on the exam. I would say 80% I knew immediately after reading the question and then 20% I either fought through or completely guessed.

As for the simulations, I am not so sure how I did with those. The simulations have been my downfall. I study for weeks on end and master every possible MCQ they can give me, but only practice the simulations with the few options I have.

This leaves me feeling uneasy after every exam I take about whether or not I blew the entire test because of a few simulations. We will see. Hopefully partial credit will be in my favor.

I have just started studying for REG. Not so sure how this will go as I have the least amount of experience in this section, but right now I am studying individual taxation which is a great way to ease into the section.

I have already written the NINJA notes on individual taxation and I am currently getting through the MCQs for this section as well. I will complete part two of Individual Taxation next week and then I move onto Corporations and Partnerships – the real beast of the chapter.

I plan on doing the same format as I always do. I first review the book, then I re-write the NINJA notes, complete the MCQs for that section and then use Wiley Test bank for pop quizzes on the cumulative sections I have already completed.

With the weather staying as beautiful as it has, I expect studying for REG will be my most difficult section. Stay focused Ninja’s we can celebrate next summer! Good luck everyone!

Talk to you soon,

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