Time is Short: Studying FAR + Starting New Job

14 Jul 2014


Joe is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

Sorry it has been so long since my last entry. I was forced to move my test date until August 23rd, and this will be the final time this happens, because my NTS will officially expire in August!

However, I have kept up with the materials and I entered into a 7-week intense study plan that began last week.

The main reason I have not been in touch is that I have been interviewing with several firms for a new job. I obviously could not post a letter about my job search and have my employer see it!

The process started back in late May, and after several interviews with several firms, I have decided to accept an offer at a large food company in Denver! I am very excited for the new role and cannot wait to start in a few weeks!

One great part of this transition is that I will have a full week off between jobs to focus on studying. I plan to get at least 8 hours a day for each day I take off. I have also been studying from 8-11pm every night, and will now be able to do at least an hour at lunch every day.

At this point, I am just reviewing trouble areas and memorizing formulas. I will need to hit the MCQ hard in the next few weeks. I am now using a combination of NINJA MCQ and another program.

It may be a challenge learning a new job and studying, but I hope that I will be in full review mode by the time I begin the job in early August. Life has thrown me some serious curveballs this year during my study period, but because I have kept up with my studying and MCQs I am confident that I will succeed in my war against FAR.

Good luck to all you NINJAS out there. I hope that my FAR journey is nearing its end.

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Ishwor Adhikari 10 years ago

What a coincidence..I have FAR on August 23rd as well...! Wish you all the best...

Raghavendra Rao Nanchari 10 years ago

Good luck, FAR is the biggest of all 4 wars of CPA...I wish you win it at the best...!!