Preparing for My Final Round with BEC

26 Jun 2012


By jomarie

JoMarie is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

Hello fellow NINJAs!!

Well this NINJA has been extremely busy. Sorry I’ve been MIA for a bit. Between birthday parties and celebrating passing FAR, things have been a little crazy.

Once everything settled down again, I’ve hit the books hardcore. I’m preparing for my rematch with BEC.

I just finished watching all the lectures today. Now I’m going through NINJA Notes and working on Wiley MCQs section by section.

Also during my daily commute to and from work I’m listening to the NINJA Audio. So far I’m only scoring in the low 70s on MCQs but, I still have over 3 weeks to master everything.

This will be my last section. I will have my life back after July 17th. I will be celebrating again come August with a BIG party that has been 10 years in the making.

Come on fellow NINJAs!! Let’s go for it!!

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Don't forget, your daughter gets to go to Disneyland!