Getting Into Full NINJA Mode for FAR

06 Apr 2012


By jomarie


Hello fellow NINJAs!!

I’ve survived my latest rematch with BEC. Now it’s onto waiting for Cinco de Mayo. I’ve never been so excited to see that date, besides my little one turning two on the 4th of May.

Well my exam with BEC went good, I think. There were no big surprises.

All my surprises happened before I arrived for the exam. I don’t know about everyone else, but doesn’t it seem that something always has to go wrong on exam day? It always seems to happen to me.

Well here I am getting into the FAR groove. I pulled out all my books, notes, flashcards, etc. Now it’s time to add to them and beat FAR down.

Originally I was planning on just rewriting the NINJA Notes and working insane amount of Wiley MCQs. I’ve changed my plan. I’m going into full NINJA mode.

Step 1: I’m going to nail the videos!!!!

With FAR I believe this is one of the longest steps. I’m going to watch the video’s whenever I find a spare moment. Normally I tried to incorporate Jeff’s ELL Plan, but with tax season coming to an end the first “L” maybe out of the question until April 17th.

Well fellow NINJAs, it’s time for this NINJA to crank out some videos.

Till next week!!


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