BEC Score + Upcoming Showdown with FAR

15 May 2012


By jomarie

JoMarie is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

Hello fellow NINJAs!!

We are coming to the end of another testing window. I was hoping this was my last testing window but my CPA exam journey has other plans for me.

The last score release I found out I was short of a passing grade with BEC. I scored a 70. It was really frustrating to see the score on my screen, especially after doing practice test after practice tests and scored the 80s.

One nice feature I like with the Wiley MCQs is the reporting feature that shows you what sections you were weak on and what sections you were strong on. It turns out the sections I was weak on with the Test Bank were the sections I was weak on with the exam.

Finding out the score set me back a little. I was already behind because of losing my motivation along the way, but the score release set me back further.

On Mother’s Day, I received the best present a Mom who is a CPA candidate could get. I asked for about 4 hours of quiet time in my room with no disturbance so I can catch up and finish all my lectures. And I did!! I finished up all the lectures and worked on some MCQs to top it off.

Now I’m two weeks away from my big showdown with FAR and adjusted my original Final Review plan. My current plan is to do 200 MCQs a day, listen to the NINJA Audio to and from work everyday, and read the NINJA Notes every chance I get. Lastly, make sure I’m seeing all green bars on Wiley’s reporting feature.

With this plan I will conquer this monster of FAR on May 29!! Happy studying everyone!!

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mom2two 12 years ago

GOOOOOO Jo Marie!! Jeff mentions you in his podcast for motivation. You are a celebrity! :) Two weeks, lets finish strong and get one more section done this window!

Maria 12 years ago

4 hours of quiet time?!?!? That's priceless ;) Good Luck!!!