Knocking Down the FAR “Wall”

18 Apr 2012


By joshuao


Hey Ninjas!

Hope your studying is going well and things are starting to click in your head. Being that it’s my third time sitting for FAR, my studying has hit the proverbial wall.

I get to a topic and think to myself, I remember that, I should be good. Instead I should really focus on what it is I can improve to make sure I am not studying for FAR ever again.

So what I have started to do is to test myself. Say for instance I think I know bonds. I will do every bond question I can and keep track of which concepts give me trouble. Then afterwards I go and rewrite my NINJA Notes for that concept, then rework those questions.

This way I am able to focus my attention where it is needed, instead of feeling content. I have just started implementing this method this past weekend and I can already tell a stronger desire to study and an improvement on learning the material.

I keep telling myself commitment and dedication will pay off. Keep your head down Ninjas and stay the course. A little pain now is worth a lot more satisfaction later. Good luck studying!

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Casey 12 years ago

This is also going to be my third attempt at FAR...I like your thinking with strategy and not just being content. I do find myself saying, I remember this, as well.