FAR Home Stretch: Under Two Weeks to Go

25 Apr 2012


By joshuao

Joshua is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

Hello Ninjas!

For me it has come to the home stretch of studying for FAR, just under 2 weeks to go.

I want to present you with a correlation of running a race and studying for the exam. I enjoying running, well I use the word enjoy as in I enjoy the benefits of running, maybe not so much the act of running.

I have run several 5ks, 10ks, and even a half-marathon. What I have learned from training for those runs can defiantly help me in my and your studying. Let me share.

When training for the half-marathon, being in physical shape to run is important but being in mental shape is even more important. Once you can run several miles, running 13.1 is not so much a struggle of the physical nature, but one mentally, where you got to want it.

Same with the last two weeks of studying, you have to be in a mental mindset that you are ready to persevere, pull out all the stops, and Pass the exam.

In my opinion this is the hardest and most fearful part in your studying. By now you should have finished watching videos and should be at the point where you are knocking out multiple choice questions like a champ!

However, it is the time that I find myself already thinking I have done everything I can and my fate is already sealed. But, it’s not, how can it be, I still have multiple days, many hours, and plenty of time to still learn something that could make the difference in me passing or me sulking in defeat.

I have to remember that now is the time to press on, to not fall to the trap of being content. I have to tell myself that I want this, that I can do this, now let’s get cracking.

So with the help of the NINJA Audio while at work to keep concepts fresh in my mind and the Wiley MCQs when I get home, I can forage on and PASS THE CPA!!!

Endurance and perseverance will pay off. Good luck studying and know that all your effort will be worth it!

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