FAR Results: Only One Point Away + Ready to Pass

01 Jun 2012


By joshuao

Joshua is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

Well I got my FAR results back just about a week ago, and I got a 74.

One stinking point away from never sitting again for any CPA exam.

At first I did not want to believe the screen. I saw a four but in my mind I was trying to make it be a 5. But my time to be mad, upset, disappointed, or any other emotion is in the past.

That 74 means I was there, well almost there. It means that I can pass. Now is the time to get back at it and to focus my energy on the sections that need some more perfecting.

I intend on rewriting my Ninja Notes, listening to some NINJA Audio as I workout, and doing a ton of multiple-choice questions. I really do feel that doing as many multiple-choice questions as you can possibly do is very important.

I will stay positive and know that know the CPA exam is scared of me and I will succeed next time. Good luck to all those sitting soon and keep the studying up!

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Jamey Thomas 12 years ago

Joshua, The best advice I ever received was to treat the 74 as a 64 and study accordingly. Stay focused and knock it out. Jamey T.