J.P.’s Hybrid NINJA Attack

14 Apr 2012


By J.P.


Good day to all those out in A71 world!

It is official, CPA exam senioritis has set it. With only one section remaining to finish, I am unable to find the motivation to study.

This doesn't come as a surprise as I caught this “disease” in junior high, high school, college, and grad school as I finished up my 150 hours.

You would think it would be easy to press on and get through this exam, but it has been a struggle to get through the REG videos. I don’t know if it is “burnout” or just not knowing what to do with myself when I am done.

It has always been a struggle for me to get going while preparing, but this time it seems worse. Any suggestions would be much appreciated

I have used what I call the hybrid NINJA system on each of my past 3 sections (all passes) and I know it works. I read the NINJA Notes twice, watch the videos, do a couple thousand Wiley MCQs, and then re-read the NINJA notes nightly the final few days leading up to the exam date.

I am confident that if I follow this program again, I will be done. Getting started has proved difficult, I am hoping to get some extra motivation and get rolling. I have always been the type to pick up momentum as I get closer to the exam date.

I have been listening to the NINJA Audio while I work. Although I am not always able to concentrate fully on what Jeff is saying, I think hearing the material repeatedly will be a big help. Jeff has done and great job on these as he always does. The REG audio is concise and thorough. I would recommend it to anyone.

Until next time, good luck to everyone taking exams this week!

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