Starting Fresh: 2013 is the Year I Pass the CPA Exam

10 Jan 2013


Kamiash is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

New Year, New goals!!!! Or so I have heard so many times before.

What is different this time? New outlook on the future, maybe. I am going to try and beat this thing. This exam will forever haunt me if I don't.

I took a break with the holidays looming and finances not allowing me to be able to sit for the exam. New year, new outlook. I will be purchasing the Wiley review book and starting off fresh. My plan is as follows:

Get as much online studying as I can throughout the day, then reserve the night caps for the course book. I think a pen and paper route might help the process.

I can't sit in front of the computer too long. I am always jotting down notes on why I got an answer wrong and hope that I can learn better this way.

As always after a break you are anxious to get back on track. Then you start to dwindle and procrastinate. My goal is to try and train my mind to stay focused on the task at hand. It's been too long.

2013 will be the year. Here's to keeping hope alive!!!

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